We offer a wide range of services here at Coolum Motors, too many to list on a single page. In addition to our Dyno tuning service and those mentioned below, we provide the following services:

Performance upgrades
Timing belt replacement
Windscreen repair or replacement
Towbar and bullbar fitting
4WD accessories and fit-outs
Trailer and caravan repairs
Loan cars available on request
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What We Do


Logbook Service

Regular logbook services are mandatory if you plan to keep your new vehicle's manufacturer's warranty valid. This warranty covers you in the case of myriad mechanical failures and can save you a substantial amount of money. A well kept logbook will also increase the resale value of your vehicle, as potential buyers will be more eager to purchase a properly maintained vehicle. Frequent servicing also helps to prevent more costly mechanical failures, and can catch small problems before they snowball into something serious. Here at Coolum Motors whenever you book a logbook service with us we will also provide you with a Coolum Motor safety check for free! We can provide logbook services for: Petrol Light Vehicles Diesel Light Vehicles


Brake Services

Your brakes are the most important safety system your vehicle has. While other safety features help to ameliorate the severity of a crash, whereas well maintained brakes can actually prevent an accident. Here at Coolum Motors we can provide the following brake services: Disc brake machining Brake drum machining Brake booster replacement Brake line replacement Handbrake repair or service General brake service Don't take your safety lightly, talk to us today!.


Steering and Suspension

While most people think the suspension's main job is providing a smooth ride over bumpy terrain, your suspension's most important job is to keep all four tyres in firm contact with the road, so that steering, driving and braking systems are more effective. Here at Coolum Motors we can provide the following services for your suspension and steering: Bushing replacement Lift kits Tension bars Power steering Shock absorbers and coil springs Sway bars Ball joints Tie rod ends And many more


Diagnostics and Auto Electrical

As modern cars have increased in complexity, more and more of your vehicle's systems are being monitored and governed by Electronic Control Units (ECU). If your car is problematic, drive into Coolum Motors and we will plug our state of the art scan tools into your vehicle's onboard computer and generate a detailed report. Once we have analysed the report with you, we can help you with all auto electrical problems, including, but not limited to: Alternators and starter motors
Audio systems Battery testing and replacement Body electrics ECU testing and replacement EFI diagnostics Diagnostics Lighting systems If your check engine light is staring up at you from the dashboard


Air Conditioning

Summer in Australia can be unbearable if your air conditioning isn't working. In addition to keeping your cabin cool, your aircon is responsible for defogging your windscreen during the winter months. Uniquely, your air conditioning can be damaged as much by disuse as by use. The myriad of tubing and seals will slowly dry out and develop cracks and leaks, allowing the refrigerant gas to leak out. Coolum Motors can provide the following air conditioning services: Air conditioning service Tubes and hosing replacement Valve replacement Air conditioning re-gassing Air conditioning deodorising


Tyres and wheels

Worn tyres drastically reduce your traction on the road, especially during wet weather. Increased stopping distance can mean the difference between an emergency stop and a crash, and skidding and loss of control in emergency situations can be incredibly dangerous. Faults in your vehicle's wheel alignment increases tyre wear. At Coolum Motors we have: Major tyre brands for all makes and models Wheel balancing and alignment services Tyre repairs


Radiators and Cooling Systems

If your vehicle is overheating, not only will it decrease your fuel efficiency, it will also reduce your vehicle's engine life, as it causes damage to the head gasket, pistons, and cylinders. If your thermostat is damaged, this could be happening without your awareness. Here at Coolum Motors we can provide the following services: Coolant flush and leak check Head gasket replacement Heater unit repair Intercoolers Radiator repair Thermostat check and replacement If your vehicle is overheating, then talk to us today!


Clutch and Transmission

If you hear an awful grinding clunk when you change gears, or notice a burning smell coming from under the bonnet, or fluid leaking from the engine bay, then you probably have a problem with your vehicle's drive train. These problems tend to develop into some of the most damaging and costly repairs if they aren't treated promptly. At Coolum Motors we can help you with: Clutch repairs and services Automatic and manual transmission repairs and services Slip differential repairs and services CV joints


Vehicle Inspections

Before you sell, or otherwise transfer ownership of a vehicle, you are legally required to make sure it qualifies for a Safety Certificate by taking it to a certified tester. The safety certificate denotes that your vehicle meets the minimum legal safety requirements to be driven on Queensland's roads. Because the safety certificate only tests to see if your vehicle meets the bare minimum requirements, many other mechanical problems can still be present and won't prevent a vehicle from qualifying. For this reason we heartily recommend taking the time to get a pre-purchase inspection before you purchase a vehicle, that way you will know exactly what you are buying and can make an informed decision. At Coolum Motors we can perform both safety certificate and pre-purchase inspections.

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